Artex Barn Solutions has focused it lighting solutions on long lasting, energy efficient lighting products that are built to withstand the harsh environment of a barn. Research recommends that cows and heifers be exposed to 20 foot candles of light, 16 hours per day, for optimal growth and milk production. With energy costs continuing to increase and the recommendations for more light in barns, energy efficiency is crucial. And why not free up your employees from spending time changing light bulbs so that they can focus more time on your herd!

Artex High Bay LED Light

LED lights are quickly gaining a foot hold in the dairy industry due to its high lumens to watt ratio. With both a dimmable and non-dimmable option, the Artex High Bay LED Light uses 150 wattsof power and produces 90-100 lumens per watt or 13,500-15,000 total lumens. The fixture has an IP65 rating (rated for wet locations) and is ideal for barns with a minimum ceiling height of 18 feet or higher.