Calf Zone & Raised Calf Zone

Artex offers a variety of products specially designed for younger stock. Whether it is our calf friendly stalls, self locks, Calf Zone, or Raised Calf Zone Artex has you covered.

Calf Zone

We have specifically designed the Calf Zone to ensure the wellness of the animal. The plastic walls extend out past the gate to ensure that younger animals are not able to contact animals in the adjoining pens. The removable wall is designed to reduce the build up of bacteria and is very easy to clean. As your needs change, so can your Calf Zone. You can improve efficiency in cleaning pens and effortlessly group animals by simply removing a wall panel.

Your dairy team can easily feed the animals as the gate comes with two holes for separate feed and water/milk buckets. When needed, an optional bottle or hay holder can be addedto the Calf Zone.

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Raised Calf Zone

The Raised Calf Zone has many of the benefits of the standard Calf Zone with many added benefits. Easy installation is just the beginning of benefits that you will see from it.

The elevated and slatted floors make the Raised Calf Zone ideal for warmer climates. These features allow for better ventilation and fresher air in general. More ventilation helps to cool calves, and keeps the pens more sanitary.

The removable panels and elevated floor make it easy to flush out, and clean! The Raised Calf Zone also features a manual head lock for treatments.

Add on bottle and pail holders are available in a variety of sizes

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Calf Zone & Raised Calf Zone Options